Our mission is to spread the word about clean energy


At WattStory we wholeheartedly believe that clean energy technologies are essential for securing future economic prosperity and environmental sustainability. Furthermore, we believe the next wave of growth in this industry will be driven largely by conversations and informational exchanges taking place on social networks between groups of friends and families. It has never been easier for individuals to take control of their energy costs and environmental impacts. More homeowners, businesses, and communities would consider renewable energy technologies, home efficiency devices, and electric vehicles if there were greater awareness for the benefits of ownership and of how straightforward the process has become for adopting these technologies.

How WattStory Works

Step 1: We connect to your system

WattStory connects to your energy data stream via the Internet.

Step 2: We analyze your data

WattStory analyzes your energy data to identify interesting milestones.

Step 3: We create a story

WattStory translates milestones into stories about the benefits of clean energy.

Step 4: We deliver a preview

WattStory sends a preview of your story that you can post to social media with a simple click.

Step 5: You post a story

Just click the story we send you to post it to your social networks. We’ll keep working in the background to send you more interesting content to share.

Why WattStory Works


WattStory is for people who are passionate about clean energy, communicate on social media and gravitate toward visually appealing content. Our users include homeowners, businesses, and schools who have purchased and installed clean energy systems, as well as those who are contemplating a purchase or are just plain interested in clean energy. Our partners include clean energy system installers, equipment manufacturers, and nonprofits who share our mission. At its core, WattStory is a community bound together by the desire to see clean energy systems installed around the world.

Virtual Neighbor Effect ™

How does WattStory contribute to the adoption of clean energy?

Location-based clustering of clean energy devices is well documented, and attributed to the peer effect commonly known in the industry as the “Neighbor Effect.” In other words, when a person installs a clean energy device like solar panels, it makes their neighbors more likely to do the same because they have a concrete, trustworthy example that ownership is attainable and - more importantly - provides benefits. As a result word-of-mouth referrals are driving sales.

Today, peer effects are no longer constrained by physical location. We see them all over the internet and social networking sites, informing people’s decisions about what to buy, what restaurant to go to, or what movie to see. The renewable energy industry is not effectively leveraging this trust-based, digital word-of-mouth communication channel. We aim to change this by enabling renewable energy customers to share their experience - from purchase to ownership - with friends, family, and virtual neighbors. We believe this will unleash a Virtual Neighbor Effect ™ that will drive adoption in the future.

Founding Team

The WattStory founders met while working on projects together at the U.S. Department of Energy, and share over 20 years of clean energy experience in technology R&D, policy, risk and uncertainty assessment, new initiative design, program development, and management. While working with stakeholders around the world, we recognized a trend: it is quite difficult to communicate the benefits of clean energy to people outside of the industry. WattStory was born out of a desire to change this and make clean energy accessible to the masses.