Does your electric utility have a clean energy program? You may be able to go green simply by having your utility switch you to 100% renewable energy. Ethical Electric is an example of a company that provides this service to utilities in several U.S. states.

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Consider a solar or wind lease program. Companies like SolarCity, Sunrun, Vivent, and United Wind do all the hard work and simply charge you a monthly fee for a solar or wind installation, typically over a twenty year contract.

Purchasing your solar panels or wind turbine may be the lowest cost option. It may require a little more legwork on your part, but approaching a local solar or wind installer to purchase a clean energy system outright can have you paying nothing for your electricity in ten years or less. SolarReviews is a good place to start looking for installers in your area.

Don’t have rooftop space? Check out community solar and wind options - these are larger projects shared by several people in a community. An online search may be your best place to start.

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