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13.0 kW
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39,775 kWh
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49,154 miles in an electric vehicle

Darren Reardon's solar installation has produced enough power to charge an electric vehicle 454 times. That's enough juice to drive more than 49,154 miles

38,213 pots of coffee

There will be no yawning for Darren Reardon, their solar installation has produced enough electricity to make 38,213 pots of coffee.

Enough water for 117 showers

Darren Reardon doesn't take clean water for granted. Their solar installation has saved enough water to take 117 showers.

Clean energy technologies don't use a lot of water

To produce the same amount of energy as Darren Reardon's solar installation, a nuclear power plant would consume 7,360 gallons of water. Did you know that on average, nuclear power plants use more than 6,700 gallons of water per household per year? That's enough water to fill up a bath tub more than 250 times.

183 trees planted

Darren Reardon has quite the green thumb. Their solar installation has offset the carbon emissions equivalent to planting 183 trees.

1,003,933 smartphones worth of electricity

Darren Reardon's solar installation has produced enough electricity to charge a smartphone 1,003,933 times. The next time you see them talking on the phone or texting, you'll know it's powered by clean, renewable energy.

292 gallons of gasoline

To date, Darren Reardon's solar installation has offset the emissions of more than 292 gallons of gasoline, helping improve the air quality for the entire community.

774 heads of lettuce

As a population, we need clean water to drink and to produce our food. Growing a single head of lettuce requires 3.5 gallons of clean water. Good thing Darren Reardon installed solar, helping save more than 2,637 gallons of water...enough for 774 heads of lettuce.

Installing solar has gotten easy

If Darren Reardon can install solar, so can you. Ask around about how installing solar has gotten easy.

3,815 pounds of coal

Darren Reardon's solar installation has produced the same amount of energy as burning 3,815 pounds of coal. The type of electricity powering your home varies by your location, but suffice it to say that the more clean energy that is on the grid, the less we will need to rely on fossil-based fuels.

Solar energy. what a bright idea.

Darren Reardon has been tracking their own clean, renewable energy to learn about the benefits and track their progress.

14,151 hours of TV

Is there a marathon of your favorite show coming up? Ask Darren Reardon if you can come over. Their solar installation has produced enough electricity to power a television for 14,151 hours.

Burn less gas.

Darren Reardon's solar installation has produced the same amount of energy as burning 42 gallons of gasoline. As the grid continues to get cleaner, and as electric vehicles continue to grow in popularity, we will need less and less fossil fuels to get around.

1,260 miles driven

Thanks to Darren Reardon your neighborhood is breathing easier. Their solar installation has already offset the emissions of 1,112 pounds of Co2, equivalent to driving more than 1,260 miles.

1,892 hours of slow cooking

I hope you're hungry! Darren Reardon's solar installation has generated enough electricity to power a slow cooker for 1,892 hours. That's a lot of chili!

16 heads of broccoli

Growing crops uses a ton of water (it takes more than 5 gallons of water to grow a single head of broccoli), so good thing Darren Reardon installed solar. In total, they have saved 86 gallons of water, enough to grow 16 heads of broccoli.

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