solar System

Vouvry, AK

7.0 kW
system size
9,614 kWh
lifetime energy

on WattStory


Data Provider: Enlighten

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7,584 miles in an electric vehicle

Stuart Wichman's solar installation has produced enough power to charge an electric vehicle 70 times. That's enough juice to drive more than 7,584 miles

26 trees planted

Nick Chettle has quite the green thumb. Their solar installation has offset the carbon emissions equivalent to planting 26 trees.

80 heads of broccoli

Growing crops uses a ton of water (it takes more than 5 gallons of water to grow a single head of broccoli), so good thing Nick Chettle installed solar. In total, they have saved 430 gallons of water, enough to grow 80 heads of broccoli.

Solar energy. what a bright idea.

Nick Chettle has been tracking their own clean, renewable energy to learn about the benefits and track their progress.

902 pounds of coal

Nick Chettle's solar installation has produced the same amount of energy as burning 902 pounds of coal. The type of electricity powering your home varies by your location, but suffice it to say that the more clean energy that is on the grid, the less we will need to rely on fossil-based fuels.

26 gallons of gasoline

To date, Nick Chettle's solar installation has offset the emissions of more than 26 gallons of gasoline, helping improve the air quality for the entire community.

1,378 miles driven

Thanks to Nick Chettle your neighborhood is breathing easier. Their solar installation has already offset the emissions of 1,216 pounds of Co2, equivalent to driving more than 1,378 miles.

87 heads of lettuce

As a population, we need clean water to drink and to produce our food. Growing a single head of lettuce requires 3.5 gallons of clean water. Good thing Nick Chettle installed solar, helping save more than 295 gallons of water...enough for 87 heads of lettuce.

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